For the last 40 years I have been living a very inspiring life in the restaurant business.

My journey started at Restaurang Victor in the north of Sweden in the city of Umeå, but my ambition took me further to France and 3-star restaurants.

My curiosity has always pushed me further out into the world, to places and restaurants that have inspired me and given me more knowledge.

I opened my first own restaurant in 1994, Fredsgatan 12. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to open a restaurant with focus on the total guest experience.

In 1995 I competed for Sweden in Bocuse Dór where I finished in second place. Since then I have founded Grupp F12 with my companion Danyel Couet. As a majority owner I have created 22 successfull restaurants with clear concepts;

Fredsgatan , Publico, Smak, Kungsholmen, Sea Lounge, Grill, Köttbaren, Fjällpuben, Trattorian, Orangeriet, Pontonen, Kött & Fiskbaren, Le Rouge, Le Bar, Villa Godthem, Miss Voon, Mother, Mr Voon, Street Bar, Dos Gringos, Vigårda, Bojabäs, Köttboden, Sjöboden.

Today most of the restaurants are sold and a new chapter starts for me, as a consultant. I still have a passion for creating new restaurant concepts and I´d love to share my many ideas. I have the ability to see the possibilities, to make changes and lead the process forward.

To have the courage to go for it and to believe in ideas that creates spaces for the guest where they feel your commitment, interest, and soul, that is key to generate revenue and success.

You´ll find me at:

+46 708 62 01 71